Friday, July 8, 2011


Confession: I should be at a party right now. It is a fab party for a great friend. Instead I am at home blogging. There is absolutely no reason why I cannot be at the party, outside of my kids are home. That is actually an excuse. My niece is right around the corner and would be here in a jiffy with her kids to sit.

The party started 24 minutes ago. My mind is telling me that I need to 'man up', get dressed, and go engage with people of my own ilk. Self motivators, entrepreneurs, artsy type people. People I admire and love even. My body is telling me 'man down, man down on aisle 10'. There is something intrinsically wrong with this picture. I should be putting the last touches on my make-up, jingling my jewelry, singing a song that makes me feel pretty. Look at me now, I'm fresha than a....

So, why am I still here? Why have I not jumped into my cute blue dress, and put on my sexy blue glittery eye shadow, and driven myself to the venue? Why don't I get a move on? What is broken in me? Am I past parties or am I stuck? Is there a rescue Ranger for me?

I need  help. My divorced social life sucks, and I am partially to blame. I am lame. I could be on the dance floor, instead I am pondering taking a pain pill and going to the bedroom. Yes, I am virtuous, but I need a reason to challenge my virtue.

I have time yet. Only 35 minutes into the party. Maybe I can get off my hump and go do the bump. See, that was lame too! Help! I am divorced and disastrous!

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