Friday, August 31, 2012

AudibleListener® Gold membership plan free

AudibleListener® Gold membership plan free

Get your first 30 days of the AudibleListener® Gold membership plan free, which includes one credit. You’ll get 1 free credit that usually gets you a book download.  With my free membership I'm going to let my daughter download one the books she needs to read this year!

Note: If you cancel your membership before your free trial period is up, you will not be charged.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Shopaholic Diary: Free Blogger Opp (Feminim Rascal Shoes Giveaway)

A Shopaholic Diary: Free Blogger Opp (Feminim Rascal Shoes Giveaway): We are looking for bloggers to help promote this
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31 Days Early I Rise

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free Blogger OPP and Sugar Mama's 8K Facebook Fan Celebration (8/15-9/14) Blogger Sign Up

Sugar Mama's 8K Facebook Fan Celebration (8/15 - 9/14) 


We will be giving away over $800 in prizes!


This is a FREE event with the option to purchase more links, if interested. The only requirements are that you:  (

1) please promote the giveaway at least 3x per week (for the 4 total weeks), but hopefully more AND 

(2) either write up an announcement post on your blog or pay $5 via Paypal to opt out of the post. (You may copy and paste the info in this sheet, but MUST include a link to this sign-up sheet:  

You will be given a FREE Facebook Link for your help in promoting. Extra links are $2.00 each. [OPTIONS: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy Shop Hearts, GFC, Networked Blogs or Picket Fence].  Please send any extra link money as a GIFT via PayPal to, with "Sugar Mama 8K" in the subject line.  

*Co-Host spots are available for $10 each. I will offer 3 spots ONLY. You be given the html code for the page before the giveaway starts, and it will either include Facebook Like Boxes or Twitter Follow Buttons.  



Need more info? Visit Sugar Mama's Sweet Bowtique

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quick, good & kid approved

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a recipe for Kroger Honey BBQ Chicken & Bacon Dippers. That's not a recipe I would have made up on my own, even though I like to create quick new meals that  my kids can enjoy and of which I approve.

I was excited to find out the ingredients were simple; prep and cooking time was minimal, and the kids could help. Here are the Kroger products you need:

Kroger rotisserie chicken (savory)
bacon bits
greek yogurt
honey BBQ sauce
sweet corn
red pepper
tortilla wraps
Monetary Jack/mild cheddar cheese

When we got home, everybody washed their hands and we got busy. I shredded the rotisserie chicken into a bowl; my 14  year old mixed the BBQ sauce, greek yogurt and bacon bits plus the sweet corn and red peppers (which we used the food processor to chop) in a smaller bowl. My son cut the cheese into equal length and width slices.

Bobbi and I combined our ingredients:

Elijah got the tortilla wraps ready, and after we filled them with the chicken bounty, he placed the slice of cheese on top and I closed the wrap. The final touch was to spray the closure with a little non stick spray. Then I popped them into the oven for 8 minutes, turned them and waited another 8 minutes.

The finished product was pretty as can be! They smelled really good too, and best of all - my KIDS couldn't wait to try them. My babes are finicky eaters, so this in and of itself was a piece of magic wafted by Kroger.

Oh - you want to know if they were good? YES! This recipe got added to our back to school menu rotation. My daughter who never finishes anything ate two. That made me want to whip up another batch right away. She ate more the next day, with salad. These little babies are a winner in our book!

You want more review? Check out our video review on