Friday, March 16, 2012

EasyLunchboxes Bento lunch box Review & Giveaway

My sister is an itinerant pastor, which means she will preach wherever our denomination assigns her, even if it is a 6 hour round trip weekly. About a month ago, I was searching for a healthier way to eat on weekly 3 hour trips to and from home, without having to stop at fast food restaurants on the road.

There are not many healthy restaurant options for travelers and after about 3 weekends, we pretty much exhausted all we could tolerate. Naturally (here I go again, hatching an idea!) I decided I would pack our meals and snacks for the road.

When pastors are done preaching, they are often tired, drained even. I wanted to be sure to include power packed, good tasting, and filling food for the road. I was looking for healthy, easy to eat for the driver and the passenger, energy packing whole foods. Plus, we were finding that fast foods made us feel lethargic and not at all energized when finally arrived home - not a feeling we liked.

My objective was to cook fresh and pack with freshness and wholeness in mind. I started researching and found the EasyLunchbox System. I was immediately excited. Waste-free lunch boxes, with their own cooler that keeps them upright, and can support a healthy and green lifestyle. This is exactly what I was hoping for! I contacted Kelly Lester, mom and CEO of Easy Lunchboxes immediately.

So, I got my Bento boxes and my cooler bag. Four boxes with brightly colored lids, and nice sized compartments, and a spacious cooler bag.

The first Sunday road trip, I made chicken wraps - a recipe I created; organic baby carrots and kalamata olives, and cut fresh strawberries.
I filled two containers with those foods. In the other two containers I put a combination of sliced oranges, bananas, glazed pecans, celery sticks, carrots, cream cheese, and an extra chicken wrap.
Doesn't that sound like a lot of food? It is, and it's all healthy. On that trip, we ate fruit for breakfast with our personal coffee and teas, and power snacked after eating our wraps on the way back. Everything was perfect and fresh. I was sold on Bento boxes. My head was full of ideas on how to use them to pack school lunches. I love the way the Bento boxes fit perfectly in the bag and don't shift or fall over. They are not guaranteed leak proof, so they recommend their cooler bag since it's made to fit. I haven't had a leak yet!

The colorful lids snap so easily into place, and they wash up just as easily. We even pack them up when we will be running errands all day.

I highly recommend the EasyLunchBox System. If you want to order it now, you can go to, where they are a consistent bestseller in the category "lunchboxes", and you will get free shipping, or you can order them on the EasyLunchBox website.

And one lucky winner will win a container set and one lunch bag (winner can choose color) valued at $21.90. Enter here for your chance to win:
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is it time for a relationship?

I haven't had a significant intimate relationship since well before the divorce was final. My ex-spouse and I were separated for two years prior to that, and I was more concerned with my internal situation and the state of my children than I was with any physical desires that came and left.

When it became clear to me that those longings were not nearly attached to any desire for a real and lasting relationship but were for a quenching to a physical lust, I started giving them to God immediately when they rose up and focusing on the rebuilding of my small family.

Time passed and now I am wondering when and if I am ready for a new and hottttt relationship. There are requirements, tho, that are important to me. Instead of trying to explain them, I thought I would just share this spoken word piece by Janette...ikz.

Janette..ikz is a saved spoken word poet. She epitomizes what it means to use your full talent to serve God. Her gifts are amazingly on display for the world to see who God is shine through her. Visit her website, or watch her interviews and performances on you-tube. In any event, she says what I feel about any desire for an intimate relationship better than can....and please, comment. Tell me where you are in this journey.

I will want you for you

Thursday, March 8, 2012

21 Day Weight Loss Challenge: Month 2, Week 2

Fibromyalgia sufferers are in a complex situation where being fit helps manage the condition, while having the condition inhibits the sufferer from being physically fit. The21 Day Weight Loss Challenge is helping me reach a level of physicality that will hopefully reverse some of my symptoms. My body and morale feel better every day that I reach a new goal.

Today I cooked collard and kale greens with turkey,  and made apple sauce in my crock pot. I also made sweet potato tots. I bombed on exercise, but I got some measurable activity in doing housework. Yes, it counts. I focused on increased water intake, and my fruit and vegetable intake is probably at an all time high. This is mostly because I am doing smoothies daily, and it is easiest to keep veggies on hand for snack binging. I may become a carrot or a black olive in about 3 more days. I have found that I like that combination of tastes.

Salad has always been my favorite food to eat, as anyone who knows me well can vouch. My second most favorite food type is anything that crunches; hence: carrots.

This is the second week of the challenge, and my goals are simple:
  • increase water intake
  • increase hours of sleep
  • increase daily exercise
At the end of week one my total points were 538, out of an approximate 805 possible. Not great, but not horrid.

I have some added variety for exercise options, and there are some limitations to what I can do! But as I continue on this journey, strength slowly but surely is returning to the left side of my body and I can do more and more.

Option 1:
I am participating in a challenge sponsored by Dustin Maher I also received a complementary copy of the book Fit Mom's for Life.