Monday, May 21, 2012

Do Something Irregular for You

In the last two weeks I have said goodbye to someone I love, reconnected with family and friends I have missed an incredible amount, watched my babies reunite with cousins they have not seen in over two years like it was just yesterday the last time, and flown to another country.
That is only the half of it. The rest was pure work. I spent many years in overdrive working for my family, my job, my church,even my friends - but never focusing any specific dedication on myself - that it affected both my physical and mental health. I also had my relationship with God all wrong. I was working for it, when it was already established. All He wanted me to do was to love Him, and as a byproduct of that love, to love myself.
This week I am doing something for myself which is a little hard, but easier each day. I am in Aruba  vacationing. Since international cellphone rates are ridiculous, it is basically guaranteed that I wont be calling my family a lot - I have to focus on me.
The first day I missed my kids like crazy. It helped that my daughter is also out of state; and my son  has God, his dad, my mom and his aunts to take super good care of him. I missed my family and had random anxieties about whether or not they were alright. I practiced being in the moment and noticing the goodness of God all around me, and the beauty of this place.
This whole situation is a testament to how insanely difficult it is for my generation and our society to realize what takes priority and what should be simple and true. There was never a time when procreation meant making children need us every waking moment, nor any other person, place or thing desired or deserving that kind of attention. However, it is normal for children, jobs, activities, etc., to require that much time and attention in today's world.

When I focus that attention on so many other objectives I loose sight of the most important centric force of life and thusly, there is no center to my being. God is my centric force, drawing all things back to the center of me, whom He made fearfully and wonderfully.

That is what my trip to Aruba is about thus far - seeing and grasping the beauty of what God has done in nature, through nature, and naturally in me and for me. This is something I am doing for me - and it is amazing.
What have you done for yourself? Do you have a plan to do something soon?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sisters are Doing it for Themselves

Ever heard that  great Aretha Franklin & Annie Lennox song? As it awesomely rocks out, it also drives home an extremely important point - some things you just have to do for yourself.

Last month, BD&V gave away a  copy of the book 'Sacred Pampering Principles' by Debrena J. Gandy. This month we want to focus on finding that inner pampering princess. We know you can do it. Come on - she's in there; this is a safe place - she can come out without fear of recrimination.

In the month of May practice pampering with accountability. Each week, do at lease one thing for you, and tell someone you did it. Be accountable for your pampering activity. Tell a friend, a significant other, or tell us! Leave a post here about what you will do to pamper yourself each week, or tweet it to us @BdandV.

To get you started, has some great promotions this month. Whether you want to slow down and pamper or explore sensual products, EdenFantasys has got you covered.I love the pampering products and the lingerie - and guess what? I wear it just for myself! Yep, that counts as pampering. Find great body oils, bath oils and more; and don't forget to tell us what you will do over each week for the rest of the month to pamper yourself!

Eden Cafe
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Damages Clause

Sometimes I feel burdened by divorce, even penalized. These are wrongly inflicted damages for which there is no monetary reward large enough to compensate. I randomly tell my ex-husband when I am bleeding from a wound he previously inflicted. This is one of those times. There is loss in divorce caused solely by one party - even if someone wants to tell you both parties were at fault. Sometimes, that is a lie. This is one of those times.

I am in a melancholy mood today. My cousin passed away and I feel somewhat bereft about her absence from this world. Nowhere in my reasoning do I recollect expecting her to be gone physically from us this early in her life, let alone my own.

I find myself in a peculiar position. I gained my cousin through marriage, and we grew to love one another. When the divorce was final, our love remained. Other relationships stretched a little, but they remained based in love. Since my ex husband is remarried, there is definitely a place where his wife should fit into his extended family. I don't want to usurp her authority as his wife.

Be that as it may, such a poignant, emotional time as this finds me on the proverbial tightrope, trying to maintain socially and politically correct balance. I want to be in the presence of my family, supporting and loving them, unconditionally. I have to be mindful of boundaries that divorce dictates - even if I don't know what that redistricting encompasses.

I am going to be with my family in a few days, with disregard to any distance or time that has been between us; only concentrating on the fact that God's love drew us together, and that same love will keep us.

When you live in a divorced family, you are going to continually work out what that new family unit looks like. Don't let that picture be ever narrowing - let it be non constrictive. Love is an expanding virtue.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Xbox Kinect Bundle Event - Free Blogger Sign Ups Now

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