Friday, August 26, 2011

From fear to faith


Rat tail bastard liar.
Whispering to me in my left ear
drowning out truth yelling in my right
Telling me I was only good for coming home to
at night

Tryin to make me believe I should turn the other way
every time I could see the blemishes and and the stains
In the eyes of all his friends, then his fam and soon
his frenemies
Everybody knew, only the last to know was me

and Fear, such a weak blood sucking beast
thinking to ride me was a free lunch opportunity
I'm a hustler by blood, not one to be ridden
Trying to find out where the profit is hidden

Fear such a foolish child
put you back in your place
stand down, sit a while
let grown folks do real woman business
Tackle silliness in men without visions
who lack true and valiant missions

Yeah, fear, such an empty shallow space
absence of
equals bold shattering faith


  1. This was awesome. It was first time I read a poem and didn't have to go back 5 times to get an understanding of what the person was saying or trying to say.

    Thank you. #mesnappingmyfingersatopenmicnight/coolyeah

  2. @Boo Sister Z, thank you! #mewalkingawayfromthemicsmiling