Thursday, March 8, 2012

21 Day Weight Loss Challenge: Month 2, Week 2

Fibromyalgia sufferers are in a complex situation where being fit helps manage the condition, while having the condition inhibits the sufferer from being physically fit. The21 Day Weight Loss Challenge is helping me reach a level of physicality that will hopefully reverse some of my symptoms. My body and morale feel better every day that I reach a new goal.

Today I cooked collard and kale greens with turkey,  and made apple sauce in my crock pot. I also made sweet potato tots. I bombed on exercise, but I got some measurable activity in doing housework. Yes, it counts. I focused on increased water intake, and my fruit and vegetable intake is probably at an all time high. This is mostly because I am doing smoothies daily, and it is easiest to keep veggies on hand for snack binging. I may become a carrot or a black olive in about 3 more days. I have found that I like that combination of tastes.

Salad has always been my favorite food to eat, as anyone who knows me well can vouch. My second most favorite food type is anything that crunches; hence: carrots.

This is the second week of the challenge, and my goals are simple:
  • increase water intake
  • increase hours of sleep
  • increase daily exercise
At the end of week one my total points were 538, out of an approximate 805 possible. Not great, but not horrid.

I have some added variety for exercise options, and there are some limitations to what I can do! But as I continue on this journey, strength slowly but surely is returning to the left side of my body and I can do more and more.

Option 1:
I am participating in a challenge sponsored by Dustin Maher I also received a complementary copy of the book Fit Mom's for Life.


  1. I think varying your workouts is a great thing.....and a great way to stay active. I hate doing the same things over and over, so I do different types of workouts to keep from getting bored.

  2. Sounds like you are doing really well despite your physical struggles. And yeah, housework totally counts!

  3. Keep up the good work & I agree with varying your workouts, it will help keep you motivated & not get bored with a routine.

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