Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is it time for a relationship?

I haven't had a significant intimate relationship since well before the divorce was final. My ex-spouse and I were separated for two years prior to that, and I was more concerned with my internal situation and the state of my children than I was with any physical desires that came and left.

When it became clear to me that those longings were not nearly attached to any desire for a real and lasting relationship but were for a quenching to a physical lust, I started giving them to God immediately when they rose up and focusing on the rebuilding of my small family.

Time passed and now I am wondering when and if I am ready for a new and hottttt relationship. There are requirements, tho, that are important to me. Instead of trying to explain them, I thought I would just share this spoken word piece by Janette...ikz.

Janette..ikz is a saved spoken word poet. She epitomizes what it means to use your full talent to serve God. Her gifts are amazingly on display for the world to see who God is shine through her. Visit her website, or watch her interviews and performances on you-tube. In any event, she says what I feel about any desire for an intimate relationship better than can....and please, comment. Tell me where you are in this journey.

I will want you for you

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