Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Resources for Recovery

Not only have I read J.K. Sanders L.A.P.D. Life after a Painful Divorce, I have interviewed the author and seen him speak on the topic at several events. This is one of the resources I mentioned sharing, so please investigate. To access the book or find out about the world renowned Evangelist and author, click on the icon to the left; you can also visit  L.A.P.D. on Facebook and become a part of a fast growing international community discussing the reality of relationships, marriage and divorce. 

Here is a recent excerpt from the Facebook community:
"LAPD (Life After a Painful Divorce): You would be surprised of how divorce affects the brothers. I believe that in comparing our issues we will gather strength one from another to become the men we were called to be and perhaps better husbands the second time around! Pray for us sistahs and brothers join us! (JKS/pd)"

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