Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Taking Care of You....

EdenFantasys is an online adult industry store. Wait! Stay a minute. I am going to tell you about some of the products they have that you could use to make you feel great every day! There is more to being an adult than sex. It's not even the most important thing when it comes to taking care of yourself intimately. I believe we have to change the perception of some of the words we use so that we can feel comfortable about taking good care of ourselves.

From now through the end of February, BD&V is going to be dedicated to bringing you ways to take better care of you. Our biggest goal in surviving and thriving after a traumatic life change is healing and wholeness. The key to that success is caring for ourselves. Let me start by telling you what I found at EdenFantasys, which is strictly online - so you can order adult toys directly to your home!

I live in a place where weather can be harsh on the skin, so I love body polishes (exfoliates). The one pictured here is Island Hop and smells of coconut, lemongrass, verbena, musk - the tiniest bit of vanilla - all smells I love. There are four fragrances - but all of them will leave you with baby soft skin. There is nothing better than feeling good for you!

Sugared body polish

This Brown Sugar Lip Scrub is just right for anybody who gets dry skin on their lips. I live in a cold weather climate, so wind and sun combined give me peeling skin regularly. This lip scrub will take care of that without tearing or soreness, and your skin will look buttery soft. If you participate in winter sports or live in a schizophrenic weather zone, like I do, you need this in your arsenal. It's  made of natural, moisturizing ingredients like cocoa butter, almond oil, and vitamin E.
Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

And finally, the Doccia me satin shower cap. If you have to wear a bonnet over your locks, wouldn't you love for it to be this one, saying 'life is beautiful?'. Because it is' life is beautiful. Everything we experience is the sum of who we are, and we are beautiful in the midst of it. So, when we get in a mist we should cover our heads with something beautiful as well. Can you tell that I am something of a girly girl?

There is lots of other fun stuff on the EdenFantasys site, and you get a free gift with some orders (you have to select it and put it in  your shopping cart)- which you get to pick. Visit today!

Eden Gives Back - community helping communities


  1. Thanks, Tricia! Hope you visit the site. Taking care of ourselves is so important.

  2. Agree about taking care of ourselves... just never seem to have the time. So much I'd rather do (as strange as that sounds!)

  3. I liked it!!! I should go check out the site.

    1. Definitely go check the site out Jacqui! It's a fun place. Hit any of the links in the article so they'll know I sent ya!