Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wrap Up

This is a wrap up post. I am wrapping up my 21 mommy blogger weight loss challenge (for 7 days, because then I am starting the next 21 day challenge). I am wrapping up a few days hiatus; and maybe I am wrapping up a salad to go at Panera which, it turns out, is not my office away from home, but just a place where I watch people between bouts of editing and writing.

First, my 21 day Weight Loss Challenge! Today I had a scone and decaf coffee for breakfast. I know good and well that is not in line with my weight goals, but I had it anyway. Mostly because it is raining outside, my kids missed the school bus, and I don't want to measure myself and share with anybody in the clearly watching and waiting mommy universe what my measurements are today and if they have changed substantially. I am going to share what has changed.

My outlook: So much support for a life change goal is amazing. Most times when trying to do something as difficult and trying as change the way you look at food and then the way you live with it, consume it, and treat your body as well, logging onto your computer is an escape tactic. Now, logging onto FB has sent me straight to the Challenge group to find out what the comments are, who has tips, to post my observations, successes, struggles. How immensely encouraging! This network has pulled me back from quitting so many times. That is part of the reason I am starting another 21 days - to accomplish everything I didn't the first go around, plus more in this environment.

My attitude: I have a physical condition, fibromyalgia coupled with atypical migraines, that limits me from doing things the way I would have 5 years ago.  My attitude about this has taken me some places where balance balls and yoga stretches do not go. Realizing attitude as an obstacle through relationship and interaction in just the short time of this challenge helped me reconfigure my thinking.

I am eating healthier, making healthier choices and yes, losing weight - slowly. Tonight I will measure myself and snap another picture.

Chicken Feta Wraps You will see a picture of this in a review coming soon!
Boston Bibb Lettuce
Chicken Strips (grilled)
crumbled feta cheese
candied pecans (crumbled - just a few)
Cherry or grape tomatoes
wrap (choose the kind that fits your diet)

Chop lettuce
toss in bowl with 1/4 cup of feta
sliced tomatoes -about a palm full or 1/4 a cup
chicken strips
1/4 cup of candied pecans - or plain if you like

Don't overfill your wrap (as I have been guilty of in the past); put the mixture in the wrap, fold the bottom up, roll one side over and continue rolling until wrap is completely closed. Slice wrap in half.

If you need something extra, use a low fat ranch dressing or low fat balsamic on your salad mixture before putting it in the wrap.


  1. Look forward to reading more next challenge! Your wrap sounds pretty good!

  2. Congrats on finishing the Challenge!

    Good luck next month!